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Hartington Creamery

Now officially licensed to sell our cheeses under the Stilton name!

That was then…..

The creamery in Hartington was first established by the Duke of Devonshire in the 1870's, and produced the white crumbly Derbyshire cheese until it was partially destroyed by fire in 1894. After standing empty for six years it was taken over and reinstated in 1900 by Thomas Nuttall, a prize-winning Stilton cheese-maker from Melton Mowbray, who began producing Blue Stilton at Hartington, a business which was later carried on and expanded by his son, John M. Nuttall. It was John Nuttall who held a warrant to supply Stilton to King George V, and also during the 1920’s a far-sighted regulation – a Certification Trade Mark – confined the legal production of Blue Stilton to the three neighbouring counties of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

And this is now!

cheese making in Hartington Cheese making comes back to Hartington

Cheese making production re-started in the Parish of Hartington in late Autumn 2012.
A dynamic and entrepreneurial group have set up a company called the Hartington Creamery and have found some suitable barns in the Parish of Hartington which have been converted to a small scale "artisan" cheese factory.

cheese making coming back to Hartington
The five individuals are passionate about cheese making and have reinstated cheese production in Hartington and the county of Derbyshire as there were no cheese factories operating in the County since the closure of the Hartington Dairy in May 2009.

Two of the team are renowned cheese makers, two are the owners of the Hartington Cheese Shop and the fifth and final one is Simon, proprietor of the Cheese Factor in Chesterfield.

For more information keep watching this space or ring/email The Cheese Factor (asking for Simon).

Stilton Cheese made in Hartington Support

This exciting venture has been supported through the LEADER programme in the Peak District Rural Action Zone, part of the Rural Development Programme for England, which is jointly funded by Defra and the European Union, and is delivered by the Derbyshire Economic Partnership.

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